In the past few months, there has been a dramatic and rapid shift in the speed at which organizations of all sizes have enabled remote work amidst the global health crisis. Companies examining priorities and shifting resources with agility can help their employees stay connected from new locations and devices, allowing for business continuity essential to productivity.

We have seen thousands of organizations turn to Windows Virtual Desktop to help them quickly deploy remote desktops and apps on Azure for users all over the globe. The service and its new updates available today in preview will simplify getting started and enabling secure access to what users need each day.

Get started quickly with the Azure Portal with a new admin experience to accelerate end-to-end deployment, management, and optimization.

Gain enhanced security and compliance using reverse connect technology, Azure Firewall to limit internet egress traffic from your virtual machines to specific IP addresses in Azure, and several other new additions.

Enjoy an upgraded Microsoft Teams experience coming in the next month with audio/video redirection (AV redirect) to reduce latency in conversations running in a virtualized environment.

Learn more about today’s announcement in the Microsoft 365 blog from Julia White and Brad Anderson.

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