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Trend Micro Guardian: Protecting Your Kids On-the-Go

Some smart devices are not limited to use on the home network; for instance, your child’s mobile phone or tablet. Keeping your kids safe on these on-the-go devices means extending your security policies beyond the home. Trend Micro Home Network Security (HNS) makes it easy with its complementary app, Trend Micro Guardian. Guardian integrates with HNS’s parental control rules via Mobile Device Management technology to extend the rules you’ve applied on your home network to your children’s Wi-Fi / mobile connections outside the home.

Guardian enables the following security and parental controls:

  • Web Threat Protection, which blocks dangerous websites and phishing attempts.
  • Website Filtering, which is equipped with category-based filters to protect your children from inappropriate websites.
  • You can Pause the Internet and YouTube, to turn off your child’s distractions when they need to focus on other tasks.
  • You can enforce Time Limits, to restrict when your child is online within a range of time. (This feature will be available around mid-year).

Setup and Configuration

In order to benefit from these features, the Trend Micro Guardian app must be installed on your child’s device and paired with your Home Network Security Station. It’s recommended that you install Trend Micro Guardian on the child’s device before setting up Parental Controls. However, you may also save the Trend Micro Guardian setup process until after you’ve defined the Parental Control rules for your child. Either way, Guardian accepts the rules defined and applies them to the child’s device whenever they go beyond your home and hook up to public WiFi or their mobile network.

For the Trend Micro Guardian app setup and installation process, you may refer to FAQ: Trend Micro Guardian or the Home Network Security Product Guide for more details.

A Few Additional Notes

  • Trend Micro Guardian is only available for Android and iOS platforms. For protecting your child while using a laptop outside the home network, use Trend Micro Security for your Windows machine (Antivirus+, Internet Security or Maximum Security) or Mac (Antivirus for Mac), available directly from the Trend Micro website. Trend Micro Antivirus One is also available for Macs directly from the Apple App Store.
  • Once installed, you need to protect Trend Micro Guardian from being uninstalled. Uninstall Protection is set up somewhat differently on an iOS or Android device. Again refer to the Home Network Security Product Guide for more details.
  • Trend Micro Guardian can be installed on your mobile device with any existing Trend Micro Mobile Security app for Android or iOS. When Trend Micro Mobile Security and Trend Micro Guardian are used together, Guardian takes precedence over Mobile Security in detecting and blocking dangerous or malicious sites. It does not affect the other features in Trend Micro Mobile Security, which are still fully enabled on your mobile device.

Protection that Goes Where Your Child Goes

Internet safety for kids is a must, whether they’re online at home, or out and about, away from home. Trend Micro Guardian ensures the child will observe and practice the same security rules at home and on the internet anywhere in the world.

For more information on Trend Micro Home Network Security with Guardian, go to Home Network Security.

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