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Automatic Visibility And Immediate Security with Trend Micro + AWS Control Tower

Things fail. It happens. A core principle of building well in the AWS Cloud is reliability. Dr. Vogels said it best, “How can you reduce the impact of failure on your customers?” He uses the term “blast radius” to describe this principle.

One of the key methods for reducing blast radius is the AWS account itself. Accounts are free and provide a strong barrier between resources, and thus, failures or other issues. This type of protection and peace of mind helps teams innovate by reducing the risk of running into another team’s work. The challenge is managing all of these accounts in a reasonable manner. You need to strike a balance between providing security guardrails for teams while also ensuring that each team gets access to the resources they need.

AWS Services & Features

There are a number of AWS services and features that help address this need. AWS Organizations, AWS Firewall Manager, IAM Roles, tagging, AWS Resource Access Manager, AWS Control Tower, and more, which all play a role in helping your team manage multiple accounts.

For this post, we’ll look at AWS Control Tower a little closer. AWS Control Tower was made generally available at AWS re:Inforce. The service provides an easy way to setup and govern AWS accounts in your environment. You can configure strong defaults for all new accounts, pre-populate IAM Roles, and more. Essentially, AWS Control Tower makes sure that any new account starts off on the right foot.

For more on the service, check out this excellent talk from the launch.

Partner Integrations

With almost a year under its belt, AWS Control Tower is now expanding to provide partner integrations. Now, in addition to setting up AWS services and features, you can pre-config supported APN solutions as well. Trend Micro is among the first partners to support this integration by providing the ability to add Trend Micro Cloud One™Workload Security and Trend Micro Cloud One™Conformity to your Control Tower account factory. Once configured, any new account that is created via the factory will automatically be configured in your Trend Micro Cloud One account.

Integration Advantage

This integration not only reduces the friction in getting these key security tools setup, it also provides immediate visibility into your environment. Workload Security will now be able show you any Amazon EC2 instances or Amazon ECS hosts within your accounts. You’ll still need to install and apply a policy to the Workload Security agent to protect these instances, but this initial visibility provides a map for your teams, reducing the time to protection. Conformity will start generating information within minutes. This information from Conformity will allow your teams to get a quick handle on their security posture and more with fast and ongoing security and compliance checks.

Integrating this from the beginning of every new account will allow each team to track their progress against a huge set of recommended practices across all five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework.

What’s Next?

One of the biggest challenges in cloud security is integrating it early in the development process. We know that the earlier security is factored into your builds, the better the result. You can’t get much earlier than the initial creation on an account. That’s why this new integration with AWS Control Tower is so exciting. Having security in every account within your organization from day zero provides much needed visibility and a fantastic head start.

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